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Ultrasonic Phased Array (PAUT): Level 2


Training course: 12 days
Examination: 2 days


Theory & practical training course and examination




Why attend this training course?

This programme provides detailed instructions on the inspection of ferritic welds/castings/wrought products by the use of phased array ultrasonic testing. Suitable only for holders of current, valid UT certification approved and accepted by PCN. This phased array training course is PCN recognised and provides excellent preparation for the Level 2 examinations. It meets in full the training hour requirements as specified by the relevant PCN documentation. The course utilises the latest Technology Design and Olympus phased array equipment.


  • Principles of phased array probes
  • Principles of inspection sensitivity
  • Phased array instrumentation
  • Scanning with phased array
  • Calibration and checks
  • Software for data collection
  • Software familiarity
  • Procedures for verification of flaw existence and position
  • Use of software tools
  • Data analysis

Responsibilities of an Ultrasonic Phased Array Level 2 certified NDT professional

An individual certified to Ultrasonic Phased Array Level 2 has demonstrated competence to perform NDT according to NDT procedures. Within the scope of the competence defined on the certificate, Level 2 personnel may be authorised by the employer to:

  • Select the Ultrasonic Phased Array technique for the test method to be used
  • Define the limitations of application of the testing method
  • Translate Ultrasonic Phased Array codes, standards, specifications and procedures into Ultrasonic Phased Array instructions adapted to the actual working conditions
  • Set up and verify Ultrasonic Phased Array equipment settings
  • Perform and supervise Ultrasonic Phased Array tests
  • Interpret and evaluate results according to applicable standards, codes, specifications or procedures
  • Prepare written Ultrasonic Phased Array instructions
  • Carry out and supervise all tasks at or below Level 2
  • Provide guidance for personnel at or below Level 2
  • Report the results of Ultrasonic Phased Array tests.

Training and experience hours required for Certification

Full PCN certification is only achieved once the required once sufficient experience is acquired following the completion of the required training hours and passing of the examination:

Ultrasonic Phased Array
Level 2 - 100 training hours and 3 months experience

Special note:

Candidates attempting a PCN examination must meet the PCN/GEN requirements. If attempting an ASNT/EN4179/NAS410 examination the requirements of your company’s written practice must be met. This course is not suitable for BGAS-CSWIP examination preperation.


"Richard is a very good lecturer that accommodates all candidates with technical and theoretical problems, explaining the solutions well and at a level all can understand"

Jacob attended UT: Phased Array in Sheffield, August 2017

(excl. VAT)

Training course: £2,875
Examination: £400
PCN Levy: £72
Total: £3,347

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Meet the trainer

Richard Horsfall - Trainer, Examiner and Level 3 Consultant


Richard is our lead Advanced UT tutor having joined IMechE ETS in 2013 and has 10 years of standard and advanced NDT teaching experience.

Before training tomorrow's NDT specialists, Richard gained 8 years experience within the oil and gas sector as well as a Senior Turbine Specialist with Alstom.


PCN Level 2: Ultrasonic Testing, PAUT, TOFD, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing
PCN Level 3: Ultrasonic Testing, PAUT, TOFD, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing

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Meet the trainer

Andrew King - NDT Training Manager

 Andrew King

With a vast amount of experience working in various industries and as well as NDT training organisations, Andrew leads the NDT training department to deliver the high quality of training our customers expect. During from his time working in the petrochemical, nuclear, marine, mining and manufacturing industries, Andrew is able to draw from his vast experience to support his expert knowledge when in the classroom or supporting our team of trainers.


PCN Level 3: Ultrasonic Testing, PAUT, TOFD, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing
PCN Level 2: Ultrasonic Testing, PAUT, TOFD, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing
PCN Level 1: Basic Radiation Safety

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A full range of examinations are available to internationally recognised central and employer based schemes including PCN, SNT-TC-1A, EN4179 and NAS410.

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