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PCN Level 3 Basic - Online NDT Training

Why complete this course?

This is a guidance course aimed at the PCN Level 3 requirements for NDT practitioners to prepare them for the Level 3 Basic examination. The main objective of the course is to make candidates fully aware of the scope of the examination and level of knowledge required, while also identifying their weak subject areas. Advice will be given on any further tuition required.

IMechE Engineering Training Solutions's online training program allows students to work and track their progress through the course at their own convenience. This provides the opportunity to spend more time on and revisit specific areas of the course that are not fully understood.

The assessments provide an opportunity to test your knowledge. Students are able to attempt these as many times as they see fit but a 70% pass rate is required to progress.

Special note: Candidates should ideally hold a PCN Level 2 approval in 4 methods with at least 2 years’ experience in NDT/Inspection before attempting the course. See also the latest edition of PCN/GEN for the minimum requirements for examinations.

Candidates may be exempt from certain parts of Level 3 Basic based on their current certifications, please refer to the latest edition of PCN/GEN or contact us for further information.

In-class training equivalent: up to 10 days


 Parts A & B
 Part B 
 Parts A, B, & C (1 method)
 Parts A, B & C (2 methods)
 Parts A, B & C (3 methods)
 Parts A, B & C (4 methods)
Access to training course is for up to 60 days (can be extended on request)

Course information

  • Overview

  • Content - Part A - Product Technology

  • Content - Part B - PCN/GEN Documentation

  • Content - Part C - PCN Level 2 Refreshers

  • Minimum Specifications

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