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Managing Degradation

The management of industrial assets are a big topic for all plant operators. Safety considerations as well as costly shutdowns in the process due to aging assets and subsequent failure of components, can be extremely costly for all concerned. Knowing accurately the condition of components in the plant is extremely important. However, assessing the condition of components may also be very costly in labour and expertise and the decision to replace or just monitor can be constant dilemma for plant engineers and inspectors.

The breakdown of protective coatings, corrosion hidden by insulation, internal corrosion and erosion, fatigue and general degradation need careful thought to maintain safety requirements and also to ensure there are no interruptions in the processing of the product.

The accurate assessment of the of degradation requires skilled technicians that are trained to meet the requirements of industry

Argyll-Ruane Ltd offer a suit of courses aimed at industry requirements associated with degradation mechanisms:

  • Profile  and Tangential Radiography to assess corrosion under insulation - CUI
  • Painting Inspectior: Level 12 and 3 (Approved by the Institute of Corrosion)
  • Insulation Inspector: Level 2 (Approved by the Institute of Corrosion)
  • Cathodic Protection Technician: Buried Applications Underground and Immersed Metallic Structures Level 1  and 2 (Approved by the Institute of Corrosion)
  • Cathodic Protection Technician: Reinforced Concrete Structures Level 1 and 2 (Approved by the Institute of Corrosion)
  • Ultrasonic Testing: Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring (Internal Corrosion) – Course Pending

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