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Ultrasonic Testing, Ultrasonic Phased Array, Time of Flight Diffraction: Level 3

Why attend this course?

These are guidance courses aimed at the PCN requirements for Ultrasonic Practitioner Level 3 in either welds, casting or wrought products. The main objective is to make candidates fully aware of the scope of the examination and level of knowledge required (This will also enable candidates to identify their weak subject areas). Advice will be given on any further tuition required. Candidates should ideally hold a PCN Level 2 approval in Ultrasonic Testing as a minimum and have at least 2 years experience in NDT Inspection before attempting these courses.

Course content

  • PCN requirements for Level 3 approval
  • Complementary NDT methods
  • Advanced product technology
  • Quality assurance, quality control and supervision
  • Specifications, procedures and techniques
  • Analysis of reports
  • Advanced ultrasonic testing theory and revision
  • Analysis of procedures
  • Procedure writing
  • Mock examinations

Course details

Duration: Length dependent on existing qualifications


Special note: Candidates who already hold PCN Level 3 certification in the Basic Module may opt to take the course which deals specifically with ultrasonic test information. These are ideal pre-approval courses for the PCN Level 3 Ultrasonic Practitioner examination, covering basic and main methods.

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Ultrasonic Testing PCN Level 3:

PCN Level 3 Basic:

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Ultrasonic Phased Array PCN Level 3:

Ultrasonic TOFD PCN Level 3:

RTO/UT1 and RTO/UT3 combined fulfil the training requirements of PCN L2

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