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Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)

Why attend this course?

Designed for industrial radiographers who already have at least a basic knowledge of radiation safety (see Radiation Safety: Basic - RTO/IR3A). The course assumes candidates are following a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) qualification route, although it must be appreciated that the RPS designation is the responsibility of the employer. The course is structured to meet national requirements and recommendations. If candidates have forgotten a significant amount of their basic radiation safety knowledge, it is strongly recommended that they attend the basic course before attending the supervisor course. The course is ideal for those candidates wishing to be certificated in radiation protection to supervisor level under the PCN scheme requirements.

Course content

  • Review of basic radiation safety
  • Normative documents and legislative structure
  • Biological effects
  • Radioactive Substances Act
  • Dose limitation
  • The regulation of work with radiation
  • The role of the RPA and RPS
  • Principles and practices of radiation protection
  • Radiation monitoring
  • Transport of radioactive substances
  • Personal dosimetry
  • Emergency procedures
  • Ionising Radiation Regulation (1999)

Course details

Duration: 3 days

Code: RTO/IR3B

Special note: Candidates wishing to become certificated under the PCN scheme must meet the requirements of the relevant PCN/GEN Appendix.

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Validated by BINDT and recognised by PCN

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